A rather late video for a standout track from Kevin Gate’s brilliant Make ‘em Believe. Here, as with so many of Gates’ songs, he subtly contorts ubiquitous street rap cliches to powerful and poignant effect, this time presenting the eponymous ‘Trap Girl’ not as a fleeting, powerless partner but as his crutch and the very catalyst for his starting rap:

'My trap girl held it down while I was in the 'pen and helped me get back on my feet when I came out the 'pen // She told me to leave the streets alone; I picked up the pen // It's only right she sit on side of me while I'm in the Benz'.

Moments like this are spread across Make ‘em Believe; quiet, unusual and unshowy evocations of his real life, stripped of all gangsta pretence and stunning in their honesty.

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